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Monday, January 7, 2013


Adam and I both agree that over the past month the kids have all changed and grown up so much.

Ribbit is talking in much longer sentences and notices more and more around her. She corrects us A LOT, for things such as "big girl and little girl"....if I say "dinner instead of lunch".....if we contradict something we said or she heard earlier. She is also becoming much more loving telling us how much she loves us every hour and reminding me that we are best friends.She also tells us every morning at breakfast how this is not our home anymore and that Alabama is. She says " but papa get so sad when I leave him and then he is happy when I come back :)"

Baby Boy is pointing at everything, which is great because now we pretty much know what he wants. He also started waving one day in IKEA...i tell you that place is magical :). He just started waving to an older lady and she said " he must know i am a grandma". He waves with both hands at the same time and gets so excited about his new hand motion.

Goober, although he didn't change as much is also going back into his loving side...he kinda goes through cycles where he wants to be held, tickled and cuddled...and then its back to normal little boy where you have to wrestle him to plant a kiss on his ear :).

Speaking of Ikea we headed there the day after we got back from Alabama. We needed major organization ....the kids rooms were getting out of hand. So in the last 4 days this is what we have done.

1-Cleaned out all 3 kiddos massive. Separated into summer/winter wardrobes and then packed up everything they had outgrown. YARDSALE SOON!
2-Went through all toy bins and sorted toys---this took years since we have toys likes legos, games, tea sets and other things that have several parts.
3-Bought organizational furniture for the 2 older kids and got everything in them with other toys packed up for YARDSALE!
4-Got Christmas taken down (well 90%, outdoor lights are still up :) (hint hint Adam:)).
5-Adam and I picked out a new headboard at Ikea that has storage in the headboard, it also has some width to it so we can put pictures/lanterns/candles behind us.
6-Made new window treatments for our room--not 100% done
7-Adam cut down our bed. It used to be like 5 foot high with tons of storage underneath much so that we kept our christmas tree underneath it :). But with kids, that couldn't get up there on their own and I had a heat attack when they got close to the edge because it was a long way down. Its now about 2.5 feet off the floor with storage underneath.
8-Cleaned out the tupperware cabinet and my jewelry cabinet (all the women know how big a chore these both are!!)

Other than that we just went grocery shopping for lunchbox items at Sams, unpacked from our 10 days of travel, put away laundry, normal household chores and played like none other :). A VERY PRODUCTIVE 4 days. Tomorrow we return to reality...8-3 job and having to wear non-stretchy pants, make-up and coming up with hairdos that don't look like a massive hairy animal on the top of my head.....: /

Still catching up on pictures...story of my life.

Praising the Lord during our Advent reading.
I am just too cool for school.
I have very talented art students. One of them made this awesome cookie cake for Adam's graduation....its archaeology tools and a scroll  on top of a graduation cap:)
Here Daddy....Happy Graduation!!!
Ribbit got an early christmas present while Lolly and Captain were in town for Adam's graduation.  She jumps herself into long naps...we like it.
He sits like this during Yo Gabba Gabba and dances along.
Oh I could just eat those toes!!

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