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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Random Thoughts

I feel like I should post today as this weekend I fully expect to sleep A LOT. I am planning on running another marathon on Saturday. CAN YOU BELEIVE I AM SAYING IT OULOUD THIS TIME? Last time I only told Adam two days before because I wasn't sure I could do it. This time, I know I can do it but I am super nervous because I have a goal time in my head...but I am not telling you that :). Therefore this week I am tapering...A wod and 2 miles on Monday, 5 quick miles on Tuesday, 30 minutes of running stairs on Wednesday, a wod and 2 miles today and tomorrow just 4 miles of I knocked the snot out of my knee on Tuesday and have been heating it tapering seems right for this week. Its hard though to lower your mileage ....however the bruise on my knee has made me!!!

Baby Boy has been learning so much and we love to hear him as he sings "the world behind me, the cross before me" as he does motions. He also sings "I have decided to follow Jesus almost every night as he reads his book (or plays with his remote control motorcycle). He is such a little sponge. He thinks it is so funny when I call a meal by the wrong name...if I get mixed up and say lunch instead of dinner he has a huge belly laugh and says "silly mommy". He asks if he can work out with bubba and I every morning. I always say that he has to be a little bigger and he can get bigger by eating his egg yolks ( i make them boiled eggs for lunch sometimes) guess who has decided he likes the yolks? Ever since we told the kids about the cruise Baby Boy insist that we pray for it in every single family prayer and he reprimanded Adam for not mentioning our trip the other day.

Ribbit is without her two front teeth and one bottom tooth right now and boy is she cute. She can't say anything without it sounding like a little squishy toy. Add that to her style that involves as many accessories as possible and you have one cute girl. She too is completely caught up in the cruise and asks questions like these every day "How old will we all be when we are on the cruise?, will there be bathrooms?, will we have to take cold showers, what if they have cereal?". She is learning the same songs as Baby Boy at school and she joins in with him to sing daily...only he hates it and pouts until she lets him sing by himself. When he does this she just finds other ways to annoy him like demanding that he be her baby or her dog whenever they play...or refusing to play Super Hero Squad with him on the Wii, that is his MOST FAVORITE ACTIVITY. She is still our little artist and if she isn't asleep, in the bath or eating she is coloring or making cards!

Goober did his first set of hang cleans this morning in our workout. I love watching him correct his form and attempt to lift heavy. I had to gently remind him this morning that adding more weights is probably not safe right now. Other than that he has still lost as his mind as I am told all 11-13 year old boys do and is constantly in trouble for being out of his seat at school, not turning in HW or pushing his siblings when they get on his nerves. He is still our sweet boy most of the time and can't wait to tell his favorite part of school, or how he get another bruise or what he learned at chapel or in sunday school but then the crazy part comes out....I guess we are all that way. He LOVES guessing what veggies we are eating every night, he loves that he is now given a knife with his meals instead of pre-cut food. He loves playing all sports and reading....he goes through books like I go through tennis shoes. He is super sweet to Baby Boy and sleeps on his trundle bed with him on weekends, even though he begs him to every night of the week!

This is how most Tuesdays and Fridays look. Baby boy comes homes, changes into his strom trooper suit and battles it out on Super Hero Squad. He loves it when he beats mommy and daddy and he is a sweaty little mess by the end of every battle!

More sets from the musical....LOVE NYC!

Dead Rock Nevada

Old Gaiety Theater-Slap that Base

New Gaiety Theater-Stiff Upper Lip

One of our new favorites is chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mushrooms, onions, spinach and avocado!


These desperately needed some help to go with the rest of our bedroom furniture. 

Cottom wreaths I made for my the cotton while we were in SanAngelo!

More musical sets...the Saloon in Dead Rock

Slap that base during a live performance. 

Shotting scene in saloon

The final night of Crazy for you. In the middle is Jasmine, my set assistant and to the far left is Maria who spent close to 20 hours on the sets with me!

I received this beatuiful flowers after the finale along with gracious words from my fine arts director!

oh the cuteness!!

More cotton wreaths!

Adding up mine and Goober's reps...somedays we see how many reps we can get in a certain time today As Many Reps As Possible in 13 minutes.
Other days we do 5 rounds for time.

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