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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ever since we have been home we have been attacking our house room by room....WHY? Because we OWN it now and we can do all of those projects we have been waiting to do (well kinda waiting, but kinda starting beforehand :)).

So, the first thing we did was buy an Auburn flag to hang outside on the porch. We are so proud of our team from going to a non-ranked, no expectations season to #2!!!!  We were of course upset with the outcome of the BCS game but so proud of our coaches and players and the way they carried themselves afterwards.

We also began the BIG REMODEL in the living room. The brown trim is 1/2 way down, we have over 1/2 of the paneling pulled down. Baby Boy grabbed a screwdriver and helped with the process...even to the point of sticking it in an outlet and getting the tar scared out of him while fire popped out. He wasn't hurt but all the kids screamed and the electricity went out. Everytime he sees the screwdriver now he says "pop, hot".

Adam has about 1/3 of the travertine up in Ribbit's bathroom and its looking great. Hopefully, this upcoming 3 day weekend will allow him time to finish it...or at least install the new toilet. I don't know how many more midnight potty runs of Ribbit's I can endure.

We decided that the rug in Baby Boy's room needs train tracks painted on it so we used leftover paint samples to paint that with that addition and all of his train d├ęcor he got for Christmas, his room is STINKIN CUTE! He is a little scared of the Railroad crossing light my parents got him since it makes the sounds too but he is slowly warming up to it :).

We hung up Goober's Man Cave flag, got his new light in stalled and have spent the last couple of nights looking up Rainbow Loom youtube videos and making 'starburst, zipline, and triple single' bracelets.....sometimes I want to throw the thing across the room but then I see a 3rd grade girl leading the tutorial in a you tube video and I think "if she can do it, I can do it" far though Adam has had to step in every time and save Goober and I from our misery. Apparently both of us are not very good at details :).

We started painting the play room as well...its called Cincinnati Cinnamon and it looks amazing with all of the white trim already in that room. The playroom has white trim that divides it into sections and I love how clean its already looking ...well until you look at the floor.

I've been taking progress pictures of the house so I will post those soon.

Here are pictures from our time at CC's and Papas over Christmas break.

About to open stockings.

An attempt to take a family picture :)

Papa got 3 bells to add to his Harley (Father, Husband, Papa). They are for protection...its a Harley thing ;)

CC looking at the kids artwork. I think Ribbit is studying her new play dough kit.

Goober's new baseball bat bag.

Baby Boy helping Uncle Chris open presents.

Baby Boy loved his Curious George from Uncle Chris but did not want the book that went with it :)

Christmas tires us all out!!

More to come!!!

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