Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survey Trip 2010

Here is another update for our Israel trip this summer.


My boss and his boss both approved my time off ( 3 weeks ) yesterday!! We will be gone from about the 4th of June til about the 27th. As I have said before we will be doing survey of the Tel this year since its a publishing/reporting year for the dig.

We got word yesterday that I will be recieving a $1,000 scholarship to come and draw the artifacts we find and the interior of the tombs. YAY. That means that almost all of my room and board is covered and Adam's is covered since he will be staff. Soo, total our trip will cost us two plane tickets and about 500 more to cover the rest of my room and board!!! We are hoping to find a great price on a ticket unless we are forced to use the group flight ( which may be the case ).

Now on to another subject, the whole idea of me drawing the interior of caves...which means I have to go down into them. First, I am one of the most claustrophobic human beings ever....and its getting worse the older I get. I can't shut my office door at work since I dont have a window...if someone needs to have a confidential meeting with me I gear up to have large sweat stains by the end of it since we shut the door. Last night we watched a show where a kid and his dad crawled under the house to get something and just watching them crawl through a small hole made my uber twitchy and uncomfortable. Second, i have bad dreams where I get stuck in a maze of those egg crate cushions that some people put on top of thier mattress, or in a large discovery zone maze ( remember those??). Anyways, I did surprise myself last year in Israel when I went down in the water system at Tel Beer Sheva so I am going to push myself this year as well. I told Adam that he will have to down first and make sure its not a pit full of vipers. It actually should go smooth, I don't think that every single cave will have a small entrance hole but I am just imagining the worst and pairing it from what I saw last year on the Tel. Who knows, maybe I will come back and be clear of my annoying fear of small spaces.

Adoption Update- You may have already figured this out but since we are leaving for three weeks in June we won't be taking a child until we get back. We are working to make sure that everything is in place and we are ready to get a kid (s) when we get home. We have put in a transfer request to move to townhome, so that we will have more room for a possible sibling group. We have two full days of classes in March and will have our home study in April. They should be done writing up our home study and approving it by the end of April, beginning of May.

Adam built our kiddo(s) an activity table this past weekend out of our old coffee table that was oversized for our living room. Its really cute, I just need to paint it now!!

Funny Story- Our neighbors came over for dinner the other night and brought thier one year old with them. We had lots of fun with her ,chasing her all over the house. Toward the end of the night they made this comment "You guys are ready for a kid, as much as you have to get onto Elvis and constantly tell him NO". It doesn't even phase us anymore as to how bad our sweet little devil cat is. He honestly thinks he is human and I guess that is to our advantage :).

I know our kid will not be anything like our cats, but I thought that was an amusing observation.

Just thought I would leave you with this picture to get you excited about our upcoming trip!!

Question: What do you think I am most looking forward to as we go back to Israel??

( I gave Adam three guesses and he didn't even come close :))

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