Monday, March 22, 2010

Kid Stuff/ Wedding

First of all we have a huge praise!!! A former seminarian (from SWBTS) and a father of two adopted daughters has offered to rent us his 4 bedroom home while we are here in Fort Worth!!!! He is giving us a very affordable rent rate and allowing us to do a month to month lease....and, wait for it, we get to have our cats there :).
Adam and I had been praying that God would work out our adoption situation....b/c at the point we were at, we were in a small house that would only allow us to adopt one child....however, our hearts were being pulled towards a sibling group. Now we will have the space to take in children and still stay within our budget. THANK YOU JESUS!!!
We will be posting before and after pictures of the house, we are painting it and taking down wallpaper for the landlord ( one, in return for such a cheap rent and two, so that he can sell it once we move out). Its in a good neighborhood and right beside a city park.
I honestly wanted to write this post so that I could show you some of the kiddo things I bought at a Womens Conference at our church. Its hard to buy things for our kids, not knowing the age and sex yet. However, we do know that they will be brought in to know God's love and to seek after here's three things I got!!
What kid doesn't like Silly Songs with Larry?

I fell in love with this beautifully illustrated bible story book!


And I will leave you with some pictures of a wedding we were in for some co-workers of ours here at SWBTS. It was in Van Buren Arkansas.

Love my hubby with his bowtie!

This is me with the bride's daughter....Kenzie....we share a name and I think she is the cutest 2.5 year old ever!!

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