Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Videos and Goofa Awards

So here are some more videos and ....THE GOOFA AWARDS that were given out..some of our Israel sidekicks wanted a list of what everyone got...what a good time!!!

Goofa Awards ( in no particular order)

Ryan L-Undercover Tour Guide
Jason- Prepared for Zombie Attack
Savannah-Most Likely to Move to Texas
Jessica- Heal Jason's wounds
Sam-Most Athletic
James Kent-Lifeguard at Neve Shalom
Jared P- Best Abs
James Knight- Sweetest, Polite, Tenderhearted Man
Duane- Best Personality
Heather- Best Vocabulary
Dan W-Most Likely to call you by your T Shirt Color
Paul- Best Tummy Tan
Adam (supervisor) Star in the next Scorpion King
Ghassan- Best Tan
Jared C- Miss Congeniality
Julia- Best Laugh
Ryan D-Cleanest Tel Worker
Jordan- Best Eyebrows
Cameron- Suck your toes
Willie- Best Hair
Jon S-Best Legs
Lynn-Most Likely to put Kellie in time out
Katy- Will fall off stage during her Broadway Debut
Jon- Use underwear as a goofa
Dennis- Open up a T Shirt Kiosk in USA
Leslie- Most Patient
Jim- Most Punctual
Allie- Find the most "pot"
Terri- Wheep a Bedouin child
Marcella- Most likely to be called Leslie by Dan
Steve- 4 year acheivement award
Gary- Make Sarah pee her pants
Jake- Will find his pants on a Bedouin child
Boon- Keep Bullfrog in business
Robin- Make a goofa line in a grocery store
Kerri- to be confused with Kirsten
Ken- Find Iron Age coins in Hellenistic fill
Kirsten- be carded at 80
Gerri- Future Denim Model
Linnea- Best Offer for Marriage
Dave- Find poop in 2 mile radius
Radu- Sweatband ( Best Accessory)
Valerie- Become the next Israeli tour guide
Anthony- Most Dedicated :)
MC- Most Musically Talented
Roy- Most Likely to adopt Dan
Kelley- Best Dressed
Dan- Save your life
Eddy- Best Chef
Adam Harvell- Luckiest Man Alive ( DUH)
Adam B-Will Correct Alex Trebek
Joey- Best Ensemble

Those will only be funny to those who went on the trip.....otherwise not.

Here are a couple more videos...i have to warn you..I didn't know that you had to keep the camera oriented in one direction...but you still get the gist of where we are at.

This is looking towards Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

This is the stone believe to have been used to prepare Jesus for his burial.

and this is the traditional tomb of Christ

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