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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Ride Home

That night after the Talent Show we all stayed up pretty late ( knowing we could sleep on the plane the next day) and played games, hung out and spent time saying good bye.
We also were allowed to go through the Dig House and check out everything that we had found over the last 5 weeks. We of course could take pictures of it all but I can't upload them all on to the internet. Our conservator Heather, worked hard to get everything cleaned and laid out for us to see.
The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast which was weird because we ate normal food and it was already light outside. I am sooo used to cramming tons of food in whenever I can that I ate wayyyy too much ( have to nip that in the butt).
We then took showers and finished packing so that we could leave the airport after lunch. Most everyone else was leaving that night on a group flight so they weren't leaving til eight. We ate lunch, went through an Israel security briefing and headed off to the airport. It was sad to tell soo many good friends bye. However, we are quite sure that we will see some of them again either in Israel, the United States or in GLORY!!
We made it through Israeli security pretty fast and they only wanted to search through two of our bags. We had to show them the plate that Neve Shalom gave us as a gift and they also wanted to check out Adam's textbooks.
The flight from Tel Aviv was kinda weird....lots of people standing around and lots of babies crying....we were glad to arrive in Paris.
We were supposed to go into Paris and head to the Eiffel Tower but the weather was pretty bad and we didn't want to get stranded in downtown Paris, soaking wet, with no where to go. So we got a hotel room close to the airport and slept for about 5-6 hours. It was really like a hostel so the bathrooms were not inside of our room.
Our flight from Paris to Atlanta was not that smooth either. Actually, we both watched three videos and ate some wonderful food....but we started our descent into Atlanta we went through some strong turbulence. The plane dipped three times and that was pretty scary. The women beside me started barfing into a bag and then lady in front her pulled out her rosary. I could feel and hear my heart beating. However, we landed safely and were off to meet both sets of parents who had come to get us.
Then we were off to our Hotel to hand out souvenirs, show pictues and eat some good ole NON KOSHER food!!!

As you can guess, Adam and I do plan on returning next year. Adam is going to take part in a survey around Tel Gezer for two weeks which will once again be through Southwest Seminary.
I think I will join him for the second part of his trip which we think may be digging up the old Water System. They want to find the water table and any diagnostic pieces in the system. We will wait and see what we can afford and where the Lord leads.

So now, on August 8th I am sitting in Fort Worth Texas. I have started working at Southwest Seminary ( which allows Adam to go to school for free) in the Housing Department. I like the people I am working with and am thankful for my job. Adam just got hired at Eddie Bauer for a part time job while he starts his Masters Program. We are living in Seminary housing which I have to say I am rather impressed with. Its a 2 bedroom, 1 bath duplex. We have wood floors and the biggest pantry I have ever seen. We only brought what we could fit in both of our cars ( mattress and clothes) and drove 17 hours to get here on Monday. I interviewed Tuesday, and started working Wednesday.
We left everything else in our house back in Johnson City, since it still has not sold. We are hopeful that someone will buy it before long so we can bring the rest of our furniture down and only have one house payment. Until then we are trusting in the Lord to provide for us....He hasn't let us down so far.

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