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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Man is 10

Since I have at least 15 minutes before I need to think about sleep I'm going to crank out a recap of Big Man's 10th Birthday!!! We celebrated a week early since we drove to Alabama on his actual birthday. He asked for a dodgeball tournament and thats we he got. We rented out our schools gym, Adam hooked up the speakers and served as the announcer and DJ and we completed everything with a Star Wars theme. The only two injuries happened to a mom and her daughter....I threw a dodgeball at the daughter square in the face and Adam followed suit by slamming another dodgeball into her moms chin as she sat on the sidelines. We declared ourselves OUT and didn't play anymore :). I thought it was soo funny that Big Man wanted to invite every boy in his class but only 5 girls (his favorite 5), 4 of those girls are the sweet girls he was with in Pre-1st and has stayed best buds with , the other one goes to our church and they have become close. The girls did play some of the games but also served as my helpers and rule enforcers.

This is after the party since there was too much chaos, I mean fun, going on during the party.
Look who got to come...we hardly ever have family in town for birthdays so having CC was a special treat!
Look mom, a GAMESTOP giftcard...this lil man racked up in the giftcard dept!!!!!
Playing knock out after they ate....we were trying to keep the barfing to a minimum!

Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was fun to see all of his friends in the middle of the summer!

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