Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stomach Bug

Life at our home has been pretty disgusting lately. Mommy and Daddy have both had the stomach bug and all the FUN that comes with it. I don' think I will ever forget heaving into a trash can, with my husband holding my hair, and my two youngest standing at the bedroom door saying " EWWWW MOMMY" while that's a memory!

Our house smells and looks like death basically.

I thought the plague came from eating at a Food Truck park with friends on Saturday...essentially I blamed it on food poisoning. But, now that I know it was a virus I can look back fondly on the YUMMY food we ate and look forward to taking friends and family there when they come visit! We found this food truck park thanks to our good friends , the Wildes, who came up from San Angelo this past weekend. Our kids, who have no clue what a "stranger" is were all over them! Its so nice to have friends who you consider family close enough to come visit!

We have a lot of celebrating to do in February!

7-Goober and Ribbit's Homecoming Day
14-Valentines Day
24-Baby Boy turns 2 (HOLD THE PHONE)
25-Adam turns 31 (old fart)

I can't believe little man is turning 2.....last night as he was watching Thomas the Train he turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said "turn it up please Mommy".AS CLEAR AS DAY! I could not stop laughing!


Ribbit has a choice every day to clean her room or go to far she has gone to bed early almost every night :)...her room is a disaster!!  She says "boys are gross, right mommy?" as if she was Malibu Barbie. She puts her panties on 200 different ways...ways I didn't know underwear could even go on a little brown body :). She has no clue why I can't understand Baby Boy she translates his "blutyougruwen" into "mommy, stop at sonic and get us tater tots please". She is very confident in her translation too.

Goober finally did me in with his closet. I think the smell coming from inside it may have actually been the real reason I got the stomach bug in the first place. So I broke down and went to The Container Store, where I spent GOOD money for shelving...shelving that better go to college with him because I paid such GOOD money for it. As we were cleaning out his closet we found sippy cups, juice boxes, his UNWASHED BASEBALL UNIFORM (hello, his last game was in November...DISGUSTING! He also doesn't understand what "feeling nauseated" means. As I was in the thick of the stomach bug he described his friends hot lunch covered with cheese as he talked about 4 inches from my face with petting zoo breath. I couldn't say or do anything though because he was smiling and was so pleased with how disgusting his story was...OH TO BE A BOY!

Baby Boy is saying everything. He says "thank you mommy" at least 50 times a day. He says "BIG BUILDING" and points to everything. He loves to announce that he is "ALL DONE!" and throw whatever wrapper he has on the ground. He LOVES to watch Thomas the Train, The Magic School Bus and Special Agent Oso. He would eat fruit snacks all day long if we let him. He pees about 15 times a day in the potty but is still a little scared to have to distract him. He says "nannie nannie boo boo" when you are chasing him. He is a true Southerner and will SUCK down sweet tea! He is constantly grossed out by people and will point at them and "ewwww, yucky". He still mixed up "hot and cold" and he will say "brrrrrrr, HOOOOTTT mommy". He reminds everyone to put on a "yacket" everytime we head out the door.

At a recent pep rally at our school. This is before she put both hands over her ears and laid on the floor.
See that cute little face with all the big kids...perk of being a teachers kid is that you know everyone.
Mom and Goober went on a painting date. He DID REALLY WELL!
Oh that smile.......
The finished masterpieces!!
A recent "girl party" to Sweet and Sassy with our church friends!
She picked BRIGHT PINK eyeshadow!
Then she said " mommy, take a picture with my eyes closed so I can see"....even though we were surrounded by mirrors.
She requested a princess hair do.
Snack time for the princesses.
Dance party!!!!
My sweet church friends and their girls!
Striking a pose as we leave :)

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