Sunday, September 13, 2009

4th of July on the Sea of Galilee

This video makes me smile so much that it almost breaks my face. It starts with us all standing out on the shore of the Sea of Galilee singing the National Anthem on the 4th of July. Some Israelites heard us and told us how great we were for being so patriotic. The fire ( well lighter) is Willie's attempt to re-create a firework show for us...he lit cardboard on fire that was torn to spell out July 4th...I miss all of my fellow Gezerites!!

I also wanted to post some other pictures from other people...they are slowly being uploaded and shared. This first picture is of the sign for the Tel as we approached it at 5 oclock every morning. It would be dark for the first 20-30 minutes on the Tel and then the sunlight would break through. To be honest, I didn't ever see this sign b/c I almost always got on the bus and fell back asleep!!!Since I didn't go into Hezekiah's tunnel ( i am super claustrophobic), and Adam didn't want to take in our good camera we had not posted any tunnels pics yet. I got these from another digger and apparently this was as high as the water got and it only lasted for a short while....but thank goodness I did not go in....just looking at this picture makes my heart speed up.And here is showing just how tight this tunnel got......and its underground...NO THANKS.

This is from my friend Mariah's stash of pictures. I added this in case any of you ever doubted my supervisor skills ( that would be me in the blue shirt and do rag with my hands on my hips)!!!
More pictures from others cameras coming soon! Thanks again to all who helped us go and who prayed for us while we were there. We are already working on how we are going to get back next year...its hard to take 3-5 weeks off when you have a real adult job :).

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